Dreaming of Fall in a Summer Clime

19 Sep

With temperatures outside in the mid-90s it seems a little silly to be planning a fall wardrobe. For those of you who don’t live in Florida or have never visited, we have two seasons; hot and hotter! But this California transplant has been unable to shake the habit of dressing for all four seasons!

This year I’m assessing gaps in my vintage wardrobe. I’d like to create pieces that I can mix and match and wear to work as well. My day job is a pretty buttoned up affair where I have to interface with industry on a regular basis so these should be pieces that would transition well into my day-to-day.

The first and most obvious piece is the coat that I’m making for the Lady Grey Sew-a-long. The fabric arrived in the mail today and it’s even prettier in person! I can’t wait to get started.

I also need more jackets for those days where it’s just cold enough to need the extra warmth but not need a coat. Enter Hollywood 1451. This pattern covers two gaps for me; the jacket and a tartan skirt!

"Did you hear the latest gossip?" "No, do tell!"

Another gap in the wardrobe is good knit dresses. I picked up a beautiful gray-green wool jersey this Summer and would like to make this dress in the bracelet sleeve length.

"How convenient of them to put these invisible tables here for us to lean on!"

This suit was recommended as a good pattern to cut from a gentleman’s suit. I plan to do just that and find a good tweed suit in a thrift store to make this out of.

Penny loafers a must!

I’ve decided that this will be a two-part series since I’ve already run a little long! Do you have any Fall sewing plans yet?

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