In Need of Organization

16 Oct

I thought I’d share some photos of my sewing/ crafting area in the hopes that publicly displaying my disorganization would motivate me to do something about it!

We’ve recently moved from a house to an apartment. Anyone who’s done this knows that there is a lot of downsizing involved when this happens. I culled many, many patterns, fabrics and trims that I’d had that I knew I simply wouldn’t use. It was quite the load off. Despite all this, I’m still having a hard time organizing my sewing nook.

Organized Disorder

My kind and generous husband took one look at this apartment with a little nook off the dining area and instantly said he’d take it since he knew it would make the perfect area for all my sewing things. Aww! Anyway, off to the left of the photo you’ll notice that there is a conveniently located closet- I was very excited about this because it meant I could hide all the bits and bobs that make up successful sewing! In the center is where all the pressing takes place. Brief aside about that- I bought a new cover for my ironing board two months ago because it claimed it was scorch proof. It is currently so scorched that there are literally holes burned into the cloth. ACK! End aside.  On the right there is my trusty cutting table and mat.

Let’s take a closer look at the closet shall we?


The very top shelf which is cut off in this photo holds two boxes of my modern patterns, and my collection of sewing reference books. The middle shelf is somewhat organized in that I bought magazine holders and the magazines ARE arranged by title and date. The fabric that would not fit into the bins on the floor there are piled next to the magazines. The last shelf holds my tackle box full of tools like scissors, marking tools, needles, pins, etc. The middle drawers on the shelf hold knitting needles and various knitting tools and on the right is my box of bindings, topped with my box of thread. Two of the three boxes on the floor hold fabric- I’d love to whittle this number down to one but I tend to hoard fabric – show me a sewer who doesn’t 😉  The very top box holds all kinds of crazy things: trimmings, more patterns (modern and vintage), zippers, buttons, extra cone thread, and belt buckle covering kits. Not pictured is my embroidery supplies, which are currently languishing in a pile behind the couch.

While I know where everything is, I still can’t shake a feeling of disorganization. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately curled up with my IKEA catalog and thinking about the best way of going about this. Currently, I have the bulk of my vintage patterns stored in a filing cabinet in my closet, but I’d like to find a way to keep them in the closet with the rest of my sewing things. I feel that some shelving over the cutting table would be a very good thing. That would free up a lot of the shelving in the closet- enabling me to bring more fabric out into the open and help me to visualize what I’ve already got (and hopefully inspire me to use them!) Boxes would help me to organize the various accoutrement that one picks up as a sewer and labeling these boxes would enable me to effortlessly grab just what I needed at just the right moment.

What say you, dear readers? Any great organization tips that you could impart would be greatly appreciated!

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