New, Improved Sewing Nook

28 Oct

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to the somewhat organized disorder that comprises my sewing nook. This weekend I met up with a few lovely ladies from my knitting group on a trip to IKEA in search of storage solutions for my sewing space. Boy did I find them! I didn’t get back until late that night and was unable to do much with my new purchases. However, Hubby was willing to be bribed into making the biggest purchase of all- my new Aneboda dresser!

I bought this dresser on the recommendation of sever sewing bloggers. It’s three drawers are the perfect height and depth to hold a plethora of patterns! I thought I had more than enough to fill it, but once I started filling it, I realized that I have plenty of room to expand my collection 😉 I filled the bottom drawer with my modern patterns, the middle drawer with my vintage patterns and the top drawer with my sewing tackle box and other oft-used sewing accoutrement.

Aneboda a.k.a "Pattern Receptacle"

I also bought some shelving which turned out to be a really good buy. Previously, my sewing books were haphazardly stacked on the top shelf of the sewing closet. Now they are proudly displayed on my shelves above my sewing machine and serger. When I need some sewing reference help they are now close at hand!

Sewing Nook

Ahh . . . organization!

Moving my books helped to free up some shelving in the closet and there now resides the bulk of my knitting and sewing magazine collection.

Now I Can Relax!

I bought six boxes in three different sizes and into these went fabric scraps, thread, closures (zippers, Velcro, snaps etc.), trims, tools and embroidery supplies.  I’m so pleased with the result of my organizing! There’s something about it that makes life seem that much more manageable.

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