Spring is in the Air

14 Mar

Well hello there! We’re enjoying some great weather here in Florida. Temps today were in the mid 70s through low 80s. Pretty much perfect. It’s the Spring and Fall that make me very glad to live here. The turn in the weather has sent my mind reeling with thoughts of all the pretty frocks I’d like to make. I thought today I’d share some inspiration scans from a late 30s Anne Adams pattern booklet I own.

Breezy Cotton Frocks for Spring!

I just love these breezy “sport frocks.” They’re simple but not a one of them could be called “plain.” I especially love all the details using buttons. I’d love to incorporate this into my own sewing. I also like that the lady on the left is wearing socks with her tennis shoes.

Frocks for Dancing!

I’ll take all three of these please. I love this style; I find puff sleeves so flattering. They really aid in visually “nipping” ones waistline. The knife pleats in the dress on the right are something I’m woefully lacking in my closet.

Frocks Don't Have all the Fun!

Okay, how’s about those PANTS?! This is a look that I find so appealing! I’ve got a Hollywood pattern very similar to this that I’m aching to make out of a nice, crisp navy linen. I also like the look of the shorts. Alas! My thighs haven’t seen the light of day since 2001 but I’ve just started running again so maybe this is the year for some high-waisted shorts?

Check out the prices!

While not exactly as notable as the others, I’m including this one because I just love to see how much making these dresses would cost. I plugged the prices into an inflation calculator and the evening dress on the left is about $65.11. The middle dress would cost about $38.82 and the one on the right $55.94. Not bad considering that the evening dress and afternoon dress on the right were estimated using silk fabrics! It would be interesting to compare similar ready-made dresses from the period to these prices to see just how economical home sewing really was.

I wish I collected more ephemera such as this. Today’s scans actually represent my first and last such pattern book purchase. After buying this one and attempting to find half the patterns in it I was so depressed I vowed not to taunt myself anymore. I’m exaggerating a bit as I do think they’re a great source for inspiration!


2 Responses to “Spring is in the Air”

  1. Casey March 15, 2011 at 9:26 PM #

    Oooh! I’m loving so many of these patterns! 🙂 I know what you mean about it being slightly depressing when tracking down some of these lovelies… I’ve been trying to do that for a couple years with one 1940s pattern book I inherited from my grandmother, but alas, it’s proving frustrating and too expensive! lol.

    ♥ Casey

    • eileensbasement March 19, 2011 at 9:16 PM #

      I know! I can’t find most of these. I found a total of one from the whole magazine.

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