Pretty Pattern Sunday #8

1 May

The semester is FINALLY over for me! Technically it ends tomorrow, but I finished the last assignment I had to turn in on Thursday and let me just say am I GLAD that’s over with! Now I have about two weeks of freedom before the summer semester begins. (Side note, when did the names of the seasons stop being capitalized?Anyone?) And I’ve been crafting like a maniac since Thursday night! I started knitting a monster toy, a sweater, sewing a dress and some needlepoint. All completely do-able in two weeks right? Ha!

I anticipate that the pace of my blogging will slow down again this summer as I’m enrolled in two classes and again in the fall when I have four. But then guess what? I graduate! Yay! So it will all be worth this crazy amount of work and little free time.

But enough about me, lets look at a pretty pattern!

Awkwardly leaning on one another

The Hub and I are attending a wedding of one of his friend next month and I’m thinking of making this dress for the occasion. However, the dress code for the wedding (because there is one) is “Elegant Resort Wear.” Now what exactly does that mean? Would this dress apply if made in a lightweight linen? No matter! I think this pattern is just lovely. I love the gathering detail on the shoulders, the cool swag at the hip and the surplice bodice. What’s your definition of “elegant resort wear?”

I’ll be back tomorrow (since I won’t be in class yay!!) and posting a picture of a fun little project I just finished. I’m glad to be back for two weeks at least!

One Response to “Pretty Pattern Sunday #8”

  1. Debi May 1, 2011 at 10:10 AM #

    YAY! Congrats on the end of a semester! Enjoy the two week break. that pattern is amazing and would be a beautiful dress–and I definitely think it would apply as elegant resort wear (not sure what that means either!)

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