The Things I Must Make

17 Jul

Hullo folks- this week finds me a happy girl; standing between me and FIVE GLORIOUS SCHOOL FREE WEEKS is a final tomorrow night and if it is anything like the midterm, I’ll be out of there in five minutes. I’m a test-taking animal, what can I say?

So right now I’m planning and plotting what to make while I’ve got this time off. I’ve got loads of lovely fabric in the stash just waiting to be made into dresses.

Currently on the sewing table is a much needed wardrobe staple- a white linen skirt. It’s still needing a zipper and the waistband sewn on so I won’t show it just yet though I will show you the pattern I used.

Shaped waistbands, how I love thee!

Up next will be a turqoise sun dress. I’ve been craving a turquoise dress for some time now so imagine my excitement buying the last of a bolt of turquoise dotted swiss to make this beauty.

So those are the first two most pressing items. I want to get the dress complete before I head out to Las Vegas and then California later in August. I’d also like to make some sort of 1950s sleeveless collared shirt to wear with my dirndl and circle skirts from that era. Is there anything fresher than a crisp white shirt? I think not. I’ve also got a length of light purple rayon challis with white pattern on that is begging to be made into this:

And finally I’d like to make some pin-up shorts in yellow rayon and some sailor shorts in a navy linen I purchased earlier this year.

What do you think? Totally do-able in five weeks right?

One Response to “The Things I Must Make”

  1. Debi July 17, 2011 at 10:38 AM #

    ooohhhh fabulous! Good luck tomorrow! And I can’t wait to see Simplicity 8382!!

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