Busy Bee

15 Dec

Here I was thinking I’d have all this free time but what I’ve managed to do is the following:

Lots of baking- one batch per night!

These cookies are not all the cookies I’ve made this week. I’m averaging a batch per night of a different type of cookie. These will go into goodie bags for my co-workers and our neighbors, with some saved for us and Santa of course!

Decorating. We went to a charming little Xmas tree farm this weekend and chopped this baby down. This is the first time any of us had done this. It was fun though I couldn’t help feeling a little bit guilty!

Nutcrackers and Smokers

As an homage to my German heritage, I arranged this little German tableaux on the mantle. These are my prized nutcrackers and smoker men that I inherited from my Mom. The carving behind them is a lucky thrift store find from the Black Forest which I thought suited them just fine!

And finally . . .

Making presents. These particular socks are for my GIANT brother in law who specifically requested wool socks for when he comes to visit. Unfortunately for me, the kid has size 12 feet so these took a while! There have been other knitted gifts as well but those are either in the mail or not yet photographed! Funny how when I’m working on gifts for others, all I can think about is what I’m going to make for MYSELF once I’m finished. Alas- the daughter and hub require mittens so it is not yet to be!

What have you been up to?

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