Rolls are in Dahling!

16 Jan

I was recently perusing my one guilty magazine splurge, Lucky, when I noticed this interesting picture.

What, you didn't know?

Apparently, the rolled hair look is in, in, IN on the runways this season. However, Lucky has left those readers who would love to try this style in the dark as to how to actually go about doing so. Luckily for my readers, I have now created a little button there to the right which, when you click on it, will take you to a downloadable PDF so that you can create a rat in order to mimic this fabulous hairstyle.

A question for those of my readers in the know; was this style popular in the ’20s or ’50s as this blurb suggests? I know some women who were too traditional to bob their hair in the ’20s had rolling as an option, but I believe it was more of a discreet little thing at the back of the neck rather than the ostentatious and eye-catching style sported in the ’40s (like the picture in the middle from Preen). Additionally, I’d call the second from the right more of a pageboy style as the curl is done under rather than over. What say you astute readers?

I’m pleased as punch that I was able to create a button at all and even better, link content to it. Do let me know if it works for you- any bloggy feedback is greatly appreciated. This is all in the spirit of making this blog more like what I want it to be.

Until next time-


Image credit:

Lucky Magazine. (February 2012). Stop, Drop and Roll. p. 90.

3 Responses to “Rolls are in Dahling!”

  1. RobynR January 16, 2012 at 7:06 PM #

    Your link worked perfectly. Nicely done! Now I just have to find chignon forms . . .

    • eileensbasement January 16, 2012 at 9:18 PM #

      Sally’s has them on the cheap 🙂 Post pics if you do it!

  2. Louise T August 17, 2012 at 12:09 PM #

    Great link and tutorial – thanks 🙂 I wonder if I have time to make a rat…….

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