Pretty Pattern Sunday #12

22 Jan

Wow, sorry for the radio silence this week. I started a class for work in which passing means I get to stay in my internship program so most nights this week have been occupied by furious reading and studying. The first test is tomorrow (wish me luck!) so this is just a quick post for today.

Well unfortunately, my suit is on hold for now as I lack the necessary dough to procure hair canvas for tailoring. That, and I’m having some muslin fitting woes which I hope to post about this week and get your much needed help on! I’m finding out that my shoulders are usually 1/2″ shorter than most patterns and have also only recently realized that I have a narrow back, erect posture and possibly a sway back. Woe is me!

But instead of weeping over things I cannot change, I’m going to go try and figure them out while you look at this week’s pretty pattern.

A suit for sunny days

I realized in conversation with my husband yesterday that it’s been a few weeks since we last saw honest to goodness sunlight. In homage to that, I’m posting this little playsuit which I hope to whip up when the weather turns. I love the little details like the pleating on the shorts that is echoed in the top. This will be so nice to run around town doing errands in!

This pattern serves as a reminder to why I’ve also been exercising in earnest. This year I fully intend to wear shorts and shorter skirts! This hasn’t been done by me for a decade at least.

Back to studying for me and until next time,


2 Responses to “Pretty Pattern Sunday #12”

  1. Casey January 23, 2012 at 9:25 AM #

    I love these sorts of patterns, and think you’d look so cute wearing this in the summer! 😀 I got a similar, 50s pattern, from my grandmother’s stash, and am itching to whip it up. 😉 Once I find fabric and work off some of the winter “fluff” I managed to pack on over the holidays… lol.

    • eileensbasement January 23, 2012 at 9:31 PM #

      You and me both! I’m doing it though. I’m eating way better than I was and working out more days than not. I’ll get there. I can’t wait to make this and I really can’t wait to wear it!

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