Our Sunny Cemetery Stroll

21 Feb

Yesterday found me and the family with the day off and again more unseasonably “warm” weather. We decided the only thing to do was go outside! When I was visiting the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, they’d had a volunteer there from the Woodland Cemetery.  The photos in the brochures he was passing out made it look like a nice place (depending on how you feel about cemeteries!) for a family stroll.

Woodland Cemetery is one of those lovely old garden cemeteries with paths and greenery. It’s also listed as an arboretum and I’m sure if we’d gone in a season other than deep winter we’d have marveled at the lovely trees as well. As it is, for us, the headstones and mausoleums were our main source of awe. There were some amazing works of funereal art at this cemetery- truly and we really enjoyed strolling for the better part of three hours!

Please allow me to share with you some photos from yesterday’s trip.

The Chapel

This chapel graces the entrance of the cemetery. I loved the stone and if you look up at the top left under the tower you can spy the resident gargoyle!

Mourning Woman

I have a particular soft spot for those headstones that are in the shape of a mourning woman. Something about their lovely pitifulness strikes a chord within me.

I was sad to see that the topper to this one had fallen off over the course of the years. The arch is supposed to be atop the bust in the back and reads “To my Dear Wife” awww.

My son’s favorite was this polished granite orb. You can spy one of the breathtaking mausoleums in the back there.

Art Deco!

This one was my personal favorite. I adore Art Deco in all its forms and this stylized headstone is no exception. This outfit is my “go-to” vintage winter outfit. I’m wearing my 1940s jeans, a 1950s cardigan underneath my 1950s Pendleton and my saddle shoes. My hair is just two braids wrapped up and around my head (for days I don’t feel like doing anything elaborate).

Followed by my second favorite, this amazingly carved Irish cross.

My husband enjoyed this life sized dapper gent. We were told that he’s been known to give guards a fright at night and it’s no wonder!

And this one sort of looked like she was doing the Tebow! All joking aside, this is another beautiful example of a mourning woman.

Our trip also included stops to visit several local dignitaries

We searched high and low for this one. She was a famous actress in the 1900s and apparently had a scandalous divorce! My word!

Finally, I leave you with a picture of the amazing, original Tiffany & Co stained glass window that is housed inside the chapel. Isn’t it breathtaking?

We are looking forward to going back again in the Spring and Fall to note the changes of the seasons.

Hope you enjoyed our stroll through the cemetery!


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