Spring/Summer Sewing Plans

31 Mar

Ah there’s no denying that Spring has arrived here in Ohio. Everywhere trees are in bloom, daffodils are pushing up their pretty heads and one hears more and more birdsongs! Huzzah!

So what this means for me is that I immediately abandon all left over Fall/Winter sewing plans for Spring/Summer ones! Really, they’re much more fun anyway, right? I think I will break up this post by category. First up is probably one that we all love the most; dresses! Is there anything better than throwing on a lovely dress on a fine Spring day?

Of course there will be dresses*.

I’ve got the perfect crisp navy blue linen for this one. I’m planning to make the more fitted version for once. I think I’ll also add the middy braid to the middy collar to make the dress even more like the Navy “cracker jack” uniform. Now I just need to get one of those “dixie cup” hats 😉

Next up is one I’ve been waffling about. I mean, should a thirty year old wear a pinafore?

Even the gal on the pattern seems to be asking this question of her friend and the answer seems to be “most decidedly yes, when the dress is as cute as this one!” I’ve got a great green striped gingham and I’m definitely going to add rick-rack for added cuteness.

This is one that I’ve had on my radar ever since I first picked up the pattern. I’ve got a lovely light white linen to make it up in. I just need to finish the “days of the week” tea towels I’m working on before I let myself do the embroidery for this.

Coca-Cola is optional

Isn’t it darling? This is one of my very favorite patterns in my collection. I could probably even get away with wearing it at work!

I made this pattern last year and I think I need another four or five of them:

This is that rare pattern that I had to make absolutely NO adjustments to and it fit like a glove. It’s a very flattering style and a classic one at that.

Finally, I’ve got a modern pattern on the list.

You know I’m making the striped one right? I’ve got the perfect red, white and blue striped cotton for this! It will make a great dress to wear on the Fourth of July! Who am I kidding? Most Summers I look like a very patriotic gal indeed as red, white and blue are colors I seem to combine together constantly in my outfits.

Now just to figure out where to start! How about you? What’s on your sewing radar for Spring and Summer?


*This list is subject to change without notice or when the following things happen: Eileen buys a pattern she must. have. now. and sews it immediately; a cheeky fabric catches Eileen’s eye and she must make something from it and none of these will do; Eileen simply changes her mind and rearranges the whole list.  It’s still fun to plan right?!



2 Responses to “Spring/Summer Sewing Plans”

  1. elizaduckie March 31, 2012 at 11:05 AM #

    1578 sundress (with and without jacket) was my favorite also…so versatile! I can see there is something on the collar and pockets of the jacket but thought it was a different fabric. What kind of embroidery does it call for?

    • eileensbasement March 31, 2012 at 11:59 AM #

      Oh it’s just plain red work embroidery. I’m guessing it’s a simple stem stitch. I just love it!

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