The Pinafore War

4 Apr

In this post I asked if thirty year olds should wear pinafores. The answer, in my head, was a resounding yes as I’m a firm believer in wearing what one pleases as long as it pleases oneself. Uh . . . within reason that is!

Once I determined that yes, I should make and also wear a pinafore, the question then became, which one to make? I have three strong contenders for this category. The first you’ve seen before in the aforementioned post.

Does this make me look like a little girl? Excellent!

I think this is a great pattern. The ruffles  on the front are large and exuberant. They’re screaming out to me to be trimmed with rick-rack. I appreciate dresses with belts which tie at the back, therefore allowing me to tighten (or expand) my waistline at will. ETA: I just read the back of the pattern and it’s ability to expand is due to it being a maternity dress! I’m not sure that this will knock it out of the running though! I’m  madly in love with the practical pockets. And let’s not forget the sweet heart neckline here.

The second pattern is in a very similar vein:

This one is so similar to the first, but it has the cute gathered tier skirt. And the model on the right is sporting some serious rick-rack detail on her version. As a gal who loves a good back button blouse, I enjoy the idea of a back button dress. It must be pretty difficult putting this one on by oneself and unfortunately lacks pockets. However, these could very easily be added into the side seams.

Finally there is this version of the pinafore.

Would you call this a pinafore? I really like this one because the ruffles are a bit on the demure side. But I sort of figure if I’m going to make a pinafore I really should just go for it and go all out on the ruffles. This one features ruffles not only on the sleeves but also as a collar detail. I like that it still includes a belt (which would be really cute as a self covered belt) and buttons up the front for easy dressing. And, hello, there are glorious pockets right there on the front.

So yes, I’m in a bit of a conundrum. I’m just not sure which one I should pick. Which one would you choose? Help a lady out!


2 Responses to “The Pinafore War”

  1. Andrea April 4, 2012 at 12:06 PM #

    I vote for the third one! 🙂

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