The Conclusion of Spring and Summer Sewing Plans

7 Apr

Hello! Are you all having a lovely weekend thus far? I hope so. Today the fam and I ran to the local farmer’s market to get our meat for the week (only eating meat about three times a week now) and then took a trip to the nearby small town of Lebanon which was really lovely to explore. I found a great vintage cosmetology book and vegetarian cookbook which made me happy!

To pick up where we left off, today I’m going to post some of the bottoms I have planned for Spring and Summer sewing. Let’s begin with shorts, shall we?

Two things I love about this pattern; The first is view one, for who among us vintage lovers doesn’t love this particular jeans look and the second is that this pattern is in my very hard to find waist size! A size 28 waist then seems to be so rare! So I’m particularly excited to sew this one up and see just how it fits. This will go great with the plaid blouse I planned to make in the last iteration of these posts.

Here’s another pattern where I’m in love with view one.  These particular shorts are very Hollywood starlet for me. I would definitely make these up in a rainbow of colors beginning with white. I’ve been an exercising and eating right fiend of late for the express purpose of being able to wear shorts like this for Summer. I can honestly say it’s probably been about a decade since the last time I ventured into public wearing shorts of any kind!

Now lets move on to coordinating separates shall we?

My hub and I were recently watching “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” and in it the main female character wears a top like this made from red kerchiefs. It was the cutest thing so I was well pleased when I realize I have just the pattern to make one up.

This top will go great with the aforementioned white movie star shorts!

Last but certainly not least, is this little pattern.

I truly love this one hope that I can find the time and the perfect fabric to make this in. I will most likely make up view two as I think the bows are cute, but a little too much for this particular piece. I like the idea of making it in black as I have very few black items in my closet. Making it in black means that I could probably get away with wearing it at work as well.

So that wraps it up folks! I guess I better go get cracking eh?



2 Responses to “The Conclusion of Spring and Summer Sewing Plans”

  1. thevintagetraveler May 3, 2012 at 2:49 PM #

    I love that second shorts pattern – the one with the pleats. I’ve almost bought that one several times. I can’t wait to find out how it works for you.

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