Pretty Pattern Sunday #21

8 Apr

Happy Easter everyone! I hope ya’ll are having a great day whether you celebrate or not. Despite being happy heathens the family and I do celebrate this day because it’s pretty hard to imagine an Easter without Easter baskets for the kiddos full of Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnies.

Another great thing about Easter is that most people still dress up to celebrate the day. I remember when I was little getting so excited to put on my best, girliest and frilliest dress to go out and hunt for eggs. In my bonnet and patent leather mary janes I was pleased as punch with the way I looked.

In honor of this, I thought that for today’s Pretty Pattern Sunday I’d post an adorable children’s pattern from my collection.


Like many vintage loving gals, I’ve got a huge soft spot for cherries on just about anything. This pattern is no exception. This is one I just keep meaning to make for my daughter and never seem to get around to (too busy making pinafores for myself, go figure!) but I better get cracking if I want to make it before she gets to the point where she’ll no longer want to wear it.  Then I’ll be forced to grade it way up and wear it myself 😉

Enjoy the day everyone!



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