Pretty Pattern Sunday #22

22 Apr

Hullo folks! Well I sort of took an unintended bloggy break there didn’t I? I’m currently in yet another class for work and for whatever reason those really seem to take the vim and vigor right out of me. I’ve still got another week of class left, but I’ve lined up a few posts for the week so that I won’t leave this ol’ blog stranded.

Today’s pretty pattern is inspired by the Catalog Sunday post on the New Vintage Lady’s blog. If you don’t yet subscribe to her, you really ought- every week she shares beautiful vintage inspiration from her (what seems to me to be) vast collection of vintage catalogs! She’s quite a prolific sewist as well and I enjoy seeing the outfits she makes and hearing about her fun vintage jaunts with friends. But enough fan gushing!!  As I was saying today’s pretty pattern was inspired by her post.

This is the first post she’s had where I actually own one of the patterns featured in her catalogs! Though the New Vintage Lady’s catalog features Ellen Drew, this pattern has Betty Grable as its Hollywood Star.

Isn’t it a lovely pattern? I love the idea of making the top in a pretty lawn, batiste or dotted swiss and making up the bottom in a delicate cotton print. It would look like separates! It would be perfect for strolls in the garden or picnics. Hmm. . . I may need to revise my summer sewing plans. 🙂

And speaking of summer sewing plans, today seems like a great day to throw open my windows in my small sewing nook and get to work finishing up the Pinafore. I’m about 80% done with it; all that’s left are fiddly bits like buttonholes, facings and hemming. Woot! I must admit that once I put it on I felt quite silly what with all the ruffles and rick-rack but who couldn’t use more frivolity in their life?

Until next time . . .



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