A Tale of Two Quilts

24 Apr

As soon as I found out my best friend was having a baby boy I knew that I had to make her something great for him to celebrate his arrival! I knew it had to be something really good, because my friend is super amazing and special to me.

LOVE this girl!

Now my friend lives in California and the baby is due in May, so that sort of ruled out any sort of knitted item (sob!) which is easily my favorite things to make for babies. I mentioned making a quilt  to her and she instantly seized on the idea.

Then came probably my favorite part of any project I make; planning!! I poured over all my quilting books and online patterns looking for something perfect. I had some fabric in my stash that was left to me that I’d always planned on making something for my son out of but I knew she was special enough to use this fabric. I finally settled on the perfect pattern; a vintage pinwheel design popular in the 1930s. I used my red, black and blue fabric with a contrasting white muslin. In a few weeks, I had the top all finished.

I decided to do some piecing on the back as well and used some extra scraps to improvise a strip that runs down the middle of the quilt back.

I quilted it very simply; I just did an outline stitch of the pieces on the front. You can see it nicely in the picture above. It is my first finished quilt!

Now here is where the tale of the other quilt comes in. As soon as I finished the quilt you see above, my son decided right away that he could not live without it. He had heard me mention that the fabric was his Grandma’s and that I’d intended it originally for him and I think that sealed the deal! However, this alone did not make up my mind. At the same time I finished this quilt, a good friend of mine was cleaning out her sewing room and asked me if I wanted some fabric she was clearing out. Of course I took her up on it and wouldn’t you know it, there in a bag of fabric, was a super cute kit for a baby quilt! My mind was made up. I would give my son the first quilt and make the second one for my lovely friend.

The fabric is a wonderful soft flannel, and the colors are much more “baby” looking to me. I chose to use the simple pattern that came with the kit. Here it is:

Apologies for the "draped over the bed" shots!

I quilted it in a similar fashion to the first one, by just following the outline of the piecing. The backing is a solid piece of fabric and is also a soft and snuggly flannel print.

Pretty snuggly right?

And that’s how I ended up making two quilts in as many months! Wouldn’t you know it, I’m already working on one for my daughter and planning the next!

Until next time,


2 Responses to “A Tale of Two Quilts”

  1. elizaduckie April 24, 2012 at 8:55 PM #

    I could be wrong, but perusing Etsy today I thought a couple of these vintage dresses screamed “Eileen”. Besides, what a great name for a shop “The Speckled Perch”! 😀 Enjoy the eye candy! http://www.etsy.com/shop/thespeckledperch?ref=seller_info

    I’ve noted a definite vintage looking trend in some of the new runway dresses…your tastes could be coming back into vogue and end up right on trend soon! Wouldn’t that be fun! 😀

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