It’s a Rambling Sort of Post

19 May

Pshew, what a week! I feel like up ’til now, I’ve had nary a moment to sit down and write. At work I’ve been attending a “Seminar for New Managers” which was surprisingly eye-opening. One of the things we were made to do was come up with a vision statement for our lives. Once I’d articulated this, I wasn’t too surprised to find that in taking this job, I’ve moved away from what I see as my life’s work and it forced me to set goals to work towards to get back on the right track.

Yet Another Daphne and Delilah

I think for the most part, my life is in good balance. However, I crave a job where I feel like I’m helping others,particularly the young, and while, in some small way, I’m helping a very select few in the current job I’m in, I’m not serving the cause for the greater good necessarily. Anyway, it’s something to work towards. One of my favorite lines in a song from my current favorite band The Avett Brothers is “Decide what to be and go be it” and is exactly what I need to do, now that I’ve decided. Ha ha, I don’t think my work had intended for me to come to this conclusion, but I’m very grateful nonetheless.

Kai-Mei Socks

Otherwise, once I got home, I worked non-stop on the corset. Wow, what a beast that has been! Of course, I had to make it harder on myself by completely changing the pattern which was supposed to be a single layer corset but I turned into a double layer for more firmness. I also have a tendency to read instructions, only to completely disregard or forget what I’d learned later! Because of this, I inserted the “pips” side of my busk in incorrectly and had to rip out all the tiny sewing machine stitches to get to it, cut another frontspiece for the busk and reinsert it. Finally, I found out that a grommet setting tool would set me back $20 when I’ve spent a goodly amount on this costume already and decided to use my eyelet pliers and place eyelets there instead. It’s serving its purpose, but the backside of the eyelets are now catching on the laces and I’m ardently hoping they hold out long enough for the ball.

Shaelyn Shawl

I’ve since finished the corset and gave myself a day off from sewing to regather my strength and fortitude because I’m really going to need it for the dress! I’ve finally settled on a bodice and skirt pattern from the Truly Victorian pattern company. I decided to figure out how I’m going to embellish it before I get to sewing as I don’t want anything up in the air later down the line. So today means a trip to Joanns to buy embellishments and interlining.

Sorry for the rambling post friends, it’s been that sort of week, but I intend to write up a few posts so I’m more “regular” next week! Have a great day and weekend!


P.S. There has been a lot of knitting of little things around here recently, the pictures of which I’ve inserted into this post. The links for the patterns are here, here, and here.

2 Responses to “It’s a Rambling Sort of Post”

  1. candihurliman May 24, 2012 at 6:26 PM #

    I love the yarn that was used to knit the shawl. What is it?

    • eileensbasement May 25, 2012 at 2:35 PM #

      Thank you! This yarn is Wolle’s Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton CCC3. I believe she sells on Etsy though I got mine at a fiber festival. This particular colorway is called “Ice Cream Medley II.”

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