The Babies’ New Home

25 May

For Mother’s Day this year my family gifted me with containers, soil, trellis’ (trelli?) and a brand new planter box. This may not be so exciting for some, but for me, it was a real treat!

                                                     From left to right are my Delikatesse Cucumbers and my Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans

As you can see, the containers are empty but that is simply because when I took this picture it was a few weeks ago and I was in the process of hardening off my baby seedlings. For those not in the know, when you’ve been raising seedlings indoors it’s important to introduce them to the outdoors gradually so they don’t go into shock and keel over and die. Since I’ve been caring for them for a few months now, this was clearly not what I wanted to happen. So each day that the weather was  nice I placed my little seedlings out for varying periods of time. They are now looking very happy in their new homes.

Unfortunately, I have an Easterly facing “back yard” and so I don’t get the best sun. I do move the tomatoes and peppers around though to take full advantage.  My basil probably have the best sun of all.

Everyone looks pretty good thus far what with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately! Temps haven’t been above 80 degrees and it only drops to the 50s and 60s at night. So nice! I love to go outside now with the ol’ banjo and play a tune for my crops. I’m playing and singing a pretty good version of Wildwood Flower.  I’m so glad that it’s almost Summer!

Have you planted anything yet?


One Response to “The Babies’ New Home”

  1. elizaduckie May 25, 2012 at 7:43 PM #

    Oh Wildwood Flower was fun…haven’t heard that sung in eons…well, since the last time I sang it, in the 70’s. Good going! The planting looks wonderful. I won’t be planting until I get to CO. Then it’s railing planters all around and as fast as I can get them out there! Only some herbs, the rest will be flowers. But I have been thinking, I might manage one tomato by the front door where it gets some sun.

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