Everything is Growing!

12 Jul

In my garden that is!! I have now been able to eat at least three things that I’ve completely grown myself from seeds. Eating is the really fun part of gardening for me! So far, I’ve harvested Ground Cherries.

Here they are in their pretty papery packages. They taste to me like a cross between a cherry and a pineapple. They’re smaller than I thought they would be; none have been larger than .75″ across. They pack a lot of taste in their very small package! I’m hoping to get enough to make at least one jar of preserves so I’ve been throwing them in a freezer bag until such time that I accumulate enough.

Another exciting development for me is the tomatoes finally turning color.

These are the Millionaire variety. Visible in the background is my trash can compost bin!

And this is a Mortgage Lifter.

And finally, we have baby cucumbers!

I’ve spied at least four of these little guys who are destined to become homemade pickles, and possibly cucumber sandwiches for tea!

And here is a glimpse of my chocolate peppers which I accidentally planted in a pot with my purple Jalapenos! Whoops! I’d been under the assumption that I was planting two chocolate peppers in the pot! I was pleased though, because the Jalapenos that got planted in the actual planter are scrawny and will probably not produce any peppers this year. I was bemoaning that I wouldn’t get to make pepper jelly!

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how my little garden experiment is playing out. More things have been growing than have not and I consider that a WIN on my part! I can’t wait to someday get some acreage and plant enough for my family to eat for a year! Ah a girl can dream right? I’m reading an amazing book called “Your Money or Your Life” which is making me see that financial independence (and my future mini farm) can be a reality.

Until next time,


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