Pretty Pattern Sunday #34

5 Aug

Is it Fall yet? Yesterday saw us out and about looking at houses in the midst of rain and a thunderstorm. When it finally lifted, we were staggering under crazy humidity! Ah Summer storms!

I’m missing Fall and Fall clothes. I’m missing the crisp smell in the air and the chilly nights and mornings. I’m missing layering clothes and wool, pumpkins and apples, and festivals; lots and lots of festivals.

So in honor of this longing, I thought I’d post a suit pattern that I hope to make this Fall, perhaps in a basement of my very own!

I’ve probably posted this one before, but I don’t care as I love it so! How fun would it be to have a crisp suit in a stunning aqua?! Ah well, I’d most likely end up making it in the grey, but I do enjoy the aqua accents grey is sporting.

My apologies for the scarcity of late. Looking for a home is hard work and time consuming!



2 Responses to “Pretty Pattern Sunday #34”

  1. Casey August 6, 2012 at 7:47 AM #

    I loooove suits like these! I have a couple patterns along the same lines that have been sitting in my stash for far too long. Here’s hoping you’ll soon have your own sewing basement to whip one of these up in! 😉

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