There Has Been Gardening Among Other Things

25 Aug

Hullo folks! Just to prove that I didn’t completely drop everything this month in pursuit of my homesteading dreams here are some pictures of the “porch farm” as I’ve affectionately called it.

Chocolate Beauties

These are the chocolate beauty peppers which I was surprised to find are actually more red than reddish brown. You never can tell with heirloom varieties I guess! They’re pretty small as well and I’ve left them on the plant hoping they’ll get bigger, but I think tonight they are destined for a stir fry at last. I’m looking forward to trying them out as their pot-mates, the purple jalapenos, have been excellent in all the chilli we’ve made lately.

Monster Cuc!

The cucumbers are just now starting to grow in in earnest. This one we didn’t spot (hard to believe, right?) until he was already HUGE so we have decided to just leave him to see how big he’ll get. There are a few assorted other ones and some teeny-weeny ones that we are hoping will grow before frost arrives.

Delikatesse Cucumber

This is more like it and one that I’ll be picking soon and making delightful cucumber sandwiches out of. NOM! I had hopes of canning some pickles but I’m not sure that I’ll have enough of these guys. Perhaps I’ll supplement with some from the farmer’s market? Hmm.


And what garden post would be complete without a few ‘maters for good measure? These guys are all from the Mortgage Lifters. Unfortunately, I don’t think my crop is doing so well overall but I’m attributing that to the fact that they are in pots that are on the smallish side which was all I could afford at the time of planting! I say this because the two tomato plants that got planted in the planter box with the beans and cucs are GIANT compared to their potted partners. Speaking of beans . . .

here is a picture of one of the Kentucky Wonder Poles that slipped by the wily clutches of all the darn bean bugs I got this year! I heard tell at the office that this winter wasn’t sufficiently cold to kill off their larvae which lead to an unusual number of them this year >shakes fist at global warming!< Anyway,  the handful I’ve managed to salvage have tasted pretty good!

Yesterday saw me at the loan officer’s office, signing paper work and paying for the appraisal. Closing is a short month away, and then a month after that we can move into our nice little home with five acre plot and barn! Peeps, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. Can you tell by my recent reading material what consumes my thoughts these days?

Living on a Few Acres and Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way

Starter Vegetable Gardens, The Backyard Homestead, The Backyard Homestead’s Guide to Farm Animals and Made From Scratch

Yet despite all this planning and plotting I’m trying (and failing) at being reserved just in case we hit some sort of snafu along the way to closing.

Well I’m going to go enjoy my first weekend in a long while that is not consumed with obsessively poring over realtor’s websites, crossing fingers that houses we like aren’t already sold, and going on showings! I think I may go to the farmer’s market and then later putter around in my sewing nook. What are you all up to?

Until next time,






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