Pretty Pattern Sunday #39

9 Sep

Folks, imagine my surprise when I rummaged through my pattern stash only to find that I did not own this beauty:

Not only is the dress cute, but I enjoy the cover for its little glimpse of how far women have come and how recently this has all happened. The gal on the left looks like she’s been dusting; don’t you dig her scarf and moccasins? And the one on the right is clearly baking, in heels no less! Sort of reminds me of my Fourth of July pie photo. Funnily enough, I’ve been reading a book from the early ’70s called Living on a Few Acres which surprise, surprise talks about just what the title implies. In this book I’ve read quotes to the effect of husbands need to think about how lonely their wives will be if they move them from the city to the country and also just who needs to be present at closing on a country property; the seller and his wife as well as the buyer and his wife. I was surprised to find this language as late as the Seventies! I find this hilarious as my husband is a full time student and as a result I am the buyer in our little house hunting adventure and we’ve been discussing home-schooling, which, if we do go that route, will be performed by him!

Anyway, back to the dress! Isn’t it darling? I’ve got quite a few sweet cotton prints in the stash that I would love to see made up into this dress and , yes, even the potholder. I do think that’s pretty practical though. If you look carefully you can see that this dress is a wrap style and the potholder has a loop on the end. When wrapping the dress, one slips the loop through the belt and viola! you have a potholder at the ready for when you need this. I think this would be eminently useful next year when I’m canning dozens upon dozens of my home grown veggies. I’ll have to be sure to make it in a cotton that I’m not too terribly attached to in the event of an unfortunate tomato sauce or jam accident.

Yesterday the family and I headed to a corn festival which was a fun family time and I ate entirely too much kettle corn and fresh-pulled taffy. My husband was a real sport and accompanied me to an “old fashioned bed turning” where ladies showed off their family heirloom quilts. It was very inspiring to say the least. So on that note, I’m going to finish up my last cup of coffee and do some quilting today. I love to think that maybe someday my quilts will be shown off proudly by my heirs and so well loved that they’ve been patched numerous times.  Hope ya’ll are having an inspired weekend too!


One Response to “Pretty Pattern Sunday #39”

  1. gail September 9, 2012 at 10:00 AM #

    That’s so cute! I’ve been wanting to make a “housecoat” – the kind my Grandma used to wear over her clothes while cleaning. I always put on my grubbies (sweats) for cleaning, but wouldn’t it be nice to wear something better, but cover it up to protect it?

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