In Which I Attend a Wool Festival

26 Sep

The Saturday before my trip to Chicago I attended a wool festival with some gals from my knitting group. For me, a wool festival really signals the return of Fall. This particular wool festival is held at a local dairy farm which also specializes in things like a pumpkin patch, corn maze and, best of all, pumpkin ice cream, so you can see why I feel that way.

This year was a little different for me. Not only did I fondle (and smell, I just love the way wool smells) oodles of skeins of yarn, I also talked animals with those folks that had them there.  I became especially enamored with the small and soft Finnsheep who are now a real possibility on the future farm (closing has been pushed back a week, boo!!). I also looked at angora rabbits for my daughter who is interested in raising them for 4H (and I am interested in stealing their super soft fur!). So that was fun.

Aaaand then I bought yarn. Lots of yarn. I was so good at first too. I got through two out of three tents without spending a dime! Then I got to the last tent and found my favorite dyer; Fiber Optics.  And that was where it started.

I immediately went for this raspberry color. It’s so vibrant and pretty. Do I know yet what it will be? No, but that’s part of the fun. Most likely it will not end up being socks. I love making shawls with fingering weight yarns.

Aaaand then this one jumped in the basket.

It’s actually teal shot through with green. My camera doesn’t do it justice.

And this one too.

This one I thought would be great for Gail when I met her. I love me some emerald/kelly green goodness so I naturally assume that every one else does too! At this point in shopping, I called my husband to tell him that I was 90% sure I was done for the day. I mean, I had gone through two whole tents without buying a thing! So as I’m chatting, this woman comes out of the tent with an armload of gorgeous yarn. I mean, this stuff was amazing. I told my husband I needed to go and I followed her to the source of the fibery goodness.

That was when I found Happy Fuzzy Yarns. And oh boy oh boy was it hard to choose!

Somehow I managed though. This one is called “Purple Kale” but I thought it looked more like a Scotch Thistle. The green and purple together I guess could look a bit like Barney the Dinosaur, but I just love them together so I don’t care. I’m pretty sure that this may end up being a Multnomah.

When I was checking out of her booth, this somehow jumped into my hands and before I knew it, it was paid for. I hate when that happens.

This one is called Macaw and it’s a merino tencel combination. It’s very soft and shiny! I love the colors. I don’t think they look like a bird, but they do make me think of Florida.

Then, thinking I’m finally done, I quickly walk to the exit when suddenly these beautiful hanks of pure alpaca jump out at me. There were only two skeins left of the most heavenly charcoal color. So I had to buy them. They were quite inexpensive for the yardage (650 yards!! For $24!!) It was crazy. And they were the last two. You understand my plight right?

Do you like the buttons? There was an amazing button booth there and I had to severely limit myself (probably a good thing) since she only accepted cash as payment. I chose these mother of pearl ’20s beauties. I think they look great with the charcoal wool. I’m planning some sort of drapey cabley cardigan and using these buttons for it. I just have to find the right pattern!

So. Wow. It’s been a spendy week over here at the basement. To be honest, I haven’t spent that much on supplies all year!
Hope ya’ll enjoyed seeing what I got. I can’t wait to get started making things out of this yarn! Suggestions for patterns greatly appreciated 😉


One Response to “In Which I Attend a Wool Festival”

  1. gail September 26, 2012 at 9:34 AM #

    Oh man! Those space-dyed yarns are gorgeous! I can see why you couldn’t help yourself! I love everything you chose – you’re going to have a great time knitting these all up!

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