Pretty Pattern Sunday #42

14 Oct

Thought I’d change things up a bit and post a pattern this week from the 1920s. This one is the 1920s Day Dress with Pleats from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library.  Why am I posting this dress?

Because it’s my Halloween costume. I’ve just finished sewing it up this week and have only the belt left. I’ll have to model it soon! While sewing this I got to thinking that I’m very glad we live in a society where you can pretty much ignore the dictates of fashion. I love that I’m able to wear a 1940s separates one day, then a ’50s dress the next and then today dress in what I like to call “shitkicker chic” (my outfit consists of motorcycle boots, jeans, a vintage wool man’s shirt and braids pinned atop my head!). However, were I alive in the 1920s it seems like most folks followed diligently the dictates of the fashion elite. I can look at photographs from the 1700s on up to the 1980s and pretty much tell you what era they come from with a pretty good degree of accuracy. I don’t know if this is so for the past twenty years or so.

But I digress. Isn’t this a pretty day dress? I made it up in a black poly (gasp!) crepe, with a linen collar. I made the long sleeved version and I’m going to wear it with rolled stockings, of course, and some great black oxfords I recently purchased. I have a perfect black cloche. My costume has a bit of a twist though which I will reveal shortly. One thing I learned while making this up is that I feel very sorry for women of this era who, like me, have hips! This style does NOT flatter those of us with some curvature that’s for sure.

Apologies for my silence this week. I started a new job and found myself EXHAUSTED at the end of the work day to the point where I would get home and collapse on the couch and it was all I could do to even follow the plot lines of TV shows. I did get some thrifting in this weekend so I’ll have to post some of my wonderful finds.

Until next time!


3 Responses to “Pretty Pattern Sunday #42”

  1. gail October 14, 2012 at 8:40 PM #

    Neato! I wasn’t able to make the picture big, so I’m looking forward to seeing you model the real thing!

  2. Tamara October 15, 2012 at 8:06 AM #

    Lovely! Please be sure to post pics when you get the chance; I think this style will look great on you.

  3. mancunianvintage October 15, 2012 at 1:02 PM #

    Can’t wait to see it finished!

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