In Which I go Thrifting Again (and Come Home With Some Very Nice Things)

27 Oct

Oops, I did it again; I’ve gone thrifting. And, as per usual here in the wilds of Ohio, I found some great stuff. Shall we jump right in? Probably my most favorite find of the day is this great knitted cape.

Isn’t it cool? I think the color combination is striking. The buttons are gold painted wood. I can’t decide if the motif looks South American or slightly Tyrolean (wishful thinking?). It’s definitely vintage, check out its tag.

I guess the only downside to it is that it is an acrylic. The older I get, the more snobby I get about synthetic fibers. After washing, this came out very soft and not scratchy and since it’s made to be worn over clothes I’m not too terribly worried about the fiber content. I also appreciate that it was a product of Montgomery Ward’s which, incidentally, is my very first place of employment. That was a loooong time ago 😉

I actually found, not one cape, but two capes, can you believe my luck? This one is a modern wool one from Coldwater Creek. I like it because I think it’s a neat twist on the lumberjack shirt.

Isn’t it cute? When I first spotted it on the rack, I snapped it up like a madwoman thinking it might just be a Pendleton.

Another item that leaped out at me (I actually reached OVER the rack I was looking at to snatch this one up) was this great vintage cotton skirt. Is it too small? Yes. Do I care? Not one whit! Look how amazing!

Sorry for the wonky picture folks, I draped the skirt over Martha (why yes, I do name my dress form [and sewing machines, and cars] why do you ask?) so that you could see the great chevron stripe detail using the rick-rack print fabric. Oh how I wish I had a 26″ waist so that I could wear this skirt!

Speaking of skirts, I was very excited to find an ACTUAL KILT which has been something on my list to find for a very, very long time. This one is a teeny tiny bit too small but the waistband utilizes hooks and eyes so as soon as I get around to it (read: two years hence and then I’ll kick myself for not doing it sooner!) I will fix it and wear it. I will wear it with boots, tights and a turtleneck. Oh yes.

The colors came out WAY brighter than they actually are. It’s darker and more subtle than it looks here. It’s navy, hunter green, deep red and has shots of yellow.

I came across this great vintage heavy red wool coat; perfect for those mornings when I’m up and at ’em on the farm and heading out to feed the animals!

It has a great tag:

See? It’s even meant to be worn in “American Fields!” I think it’s awesome to find items that were made right here in, not only the USA, but local in Ohio. This one was made in Toledo.

I find that I’m buying a lot of items that can be worn “on the farm” that I wouldn’t necessarily wear to work or out and about on the weekends, although I suspect that “out and about on the weekends” is going to change drastically once I actually start farming! Case in point is that I bought this amazing cabled wool cardigan. It’s slightly big on me, but I just know that on those cold mornings when I head out to milk the goats this will be just the ticket under the red jacket featured above to keep the chill away.

It’s an L.L. Bean sweater and while I’m not typically someone who jumps at name brands, I know this one to be a real sign of great quality so whenever I see it, I try to buy it if I can. At thrift store prices of course! Although I have had my eye on bean boots for quite some time. Santa, are you listening??

And then there is the somewhat fanciful gear I buy “for the farm.” Who am I kidding? I love vintage and I love Westerns so why wouldn’t I leap at this shirt?

I really love this traditional western shirt look. I’ve already worn this once, despite it’s missing pearl snap (another thing on the “to mend” list) with my 1940s jeans and man oh man, did it look cute! I got some odd stares that day which is how I gauge outfit success ’round these parts, haha!

Well that’s all for show and tell. I got a few other things, namely a vintage glass bowl and pie plate and a few books, but these garments represent for me the real highlights of my haul. I’m slated to go thrifting again today since I try to go day after payday, or every two weeks or so. This time I’ll be on the hunt for largely uninteresting cold weather exercise clothes. Fun.

What about you, found anything of note lately?


P.S. In a little over a week we move into our house!!!!


5 Responses to “In Which I go Thrifting Again (and Come Home With Some Very Nice Things)”

  1. Amy October 27, 2012 at 9:42 AM #

    You can totally make the too-small skirt fit you! Take the waistband off, let out a few pleats or gathers, and sew a new waistband on. Sometimes you might get lucky and find a hidden length of fabric in the original waistband and can reuse it.

    It’s so cute and I want you to be able to wear it!

    • eileensbasement October 28, 2012 at 5:00 PM #

      Ahh, great idea! Thanks 🙂 It’ll have to wait until next summer as I’ve already packed the skirt for the Winter. It got cold pretty fast here this year 😦

  2. gail October 27, 2012 at 3:26 PM #

    These are some amazing finds! I’m particularly smitten with the green cape. I hope you get to wear it lots!

    • eileensbasement October 28, 2012 at 5:00 PM #

      Yes, that was my favorite too! I wore it out to ice cream the same night (I washed it of course!) and thought I looked pretty snazzy.

  3. chris January 26, 2013 at 6:20 PM #

    I love that green cape!!!!! And why isn’t your blog linked on ravelry? I have a couple pictures of my new place on my blog now!! Whee!

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