Around the Farm Friday

18 Apr

I thought I’d do a quick “farm status” post for those folks who are interested in that aspect of my life. As you may know, this Winter was a rough one. We had temps down to -18 I think was the lowest. Surprisingly, all our animals (three sheep and 18 chickens) pulled through! The worst thing that happened was that the pump in the barn froze pretty much daily which made making sure everyone had enough water a real chore!

It’s amazing when I think how far my life has come. About four years ago, I turned to my husband and told him I wanted to be a farmer. He laughed and chalked it up to one of my fancies. But here I am today, a year into owning livestock and I love it. In fact, on the anniversary of us having chickens for a year (heck yes I’m keeping track of that!) I went out and bought MORE chickens.

Look at these little cuties!

Look at these little cuties!

Close up of their cutie little faces!

Close up of their cutie little faces!

I currently have a few types of chickens, namely Buckeyes which are an Ohio Heritage breed. These here are Buff Orpingtons and some “Easter eggers” thrown in for good measure. They’ll lay pink, green, and blue eggs! I know my egg customers will get a kick out of them! This brings our grand total up to 28 after I dispatch the roosters to “freezer camp.”

Unfortunately, after a year of keeping chickens with no issues, this past weekend I had three “chicken issues” come up. One hen was clearly limping, I isolated her and am watching her this week, hoping it’s merely a sprain. Another hen  is clearly very um. . . popular with the roosters to the point where she has gashes on her back from their zealous mating. I also isolated her and treated the wound and finally I have decided that I will no longer keep roosters as they are more trouble than they are worth. Out of the three I have, two are mean as hell and you really have to watch your back when you’re in the henhouse, so I’m going to take care of the problem this weekend with the upside being that we won’t have to buy chicken for a few weeks. Sad but true.

I had big, big plans for farming this year, which originally included dairy goats, a large garden, meat birds (chickens and turkeys) and beehives, but my husband and I actually OWE taxes this year for the first time in my life of paying taxes and so a lot of plans got shelved unfortunately. This year the push is more egg layers, which actually end up paying for themselves, and growing a few extra of the things we eat a lot of, veggie wise.

Finally, our big barn clean up is going down this weekend so I’ll have to post pictures of before and after!



4 Responses to “Around the Farm Friday”

  1. Randi April 21, 2014 at 12:15 PM #

    I grew up on a small hobby farm and my parents own a feed mill so my childhood was spent around lots of animals. I have to say, looking at those sweet chick faces, I miss chickens the most of all. I definitely DON’T miss roosters, and I don’t blame you for deciding to take care of the problem! Nasty fellas, and not particularly nice to the ladies, as you know.
    Someday, I will have chickens again. Until then, I’ll have to live my farm life vicariously through you! Glad everyone made it through this frigid winter, hope your clean out went well!

    • eileensbasement April 22, 2014 at 7:51 PM #

      You lucky duck you, growing up on a hobby farm! I bet you have some great stories about that. Chickens are definitely a great animal to keep, I hope you are able to get yours sooner rather than later!

  2. Chris April 30, 2014 at 7:51 PM #

    yay! I’m glad to hear the winter didn’t kill anything off! You sure wouldn’t think those wooly sheep would suffer in the cold anyway.

    • eileensbasement April 30, 2014 at 10:29 PM #

      True! I need to post a more recent picture. They are SHAGGY! Someone (me) needs to get out there and shear them!

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