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Gorgeous Little Things

24 May

Apologies for the lack of posting this week. I had a plan all laid out and then come Monday I get a huge new work assignment dropped in my lap and everything went out the window after that.

The other day I was scrolling through my pictures and I came across something I wanted to share with you. What you may not know about me is that my first and most abiding fashion love is the styles of the 1920s. Something about that era speaks to me in a way other eras do not. Unfortunately, I am a VERY pronounced pear shape and my fashion love looks terrible on me. So I stick to a lot of what you see here which is ’40s through early ’60s.

So when I was scrolling through my photos I came across pictures I had taken of a gorgeous beaded “flapper” dress that a very generous friend had gifted me years ago. It’s the loveliest thing, but very delicate and so I don’t take it out too much.

SAMSUNGAs you can no doubt tell, it’s pretty difficult to photograph it in any way that captures its true beauty. It’s a slight rusty color. The beading is amber, gold, and blue. I can find no maker’s tag inside. The silhouette is your typical 1920s straight tubular sheath with ties on the side, giving slight hip definition.

231Here is a close up of the beading from the hip area. I feel like it has a slight Egyptian feel to it; perhaps the maker was inspired by the finding of Tutankhamen’s tomb and the subsequent craze for all things ancient Egyptian? You can see how tiny the beads are and how delicate the fabric really is. I think the fabric is a sheer silk crepe as the poor thing is shredding in the way silk will at the shoulders. This is why one should store these dresses flat rather than on a hanger. Mine resides in an acid free box, with acid free paper between the dress folds for good measure.

SAMSUNGI especially enjoy the way the beading compliments the lines of the garment and emphasizes the popular ’20s shape of the day. Long, linear, emphasis at the dropped hips, continuing into more linear beading at the skirt.

For now, this dress resides, as I said, in a box. I have thought about displaying it since something this beautiful deserves to be admired. An idea I’ve toyed with is having it mounted and preserved under glass for me to hang up. My house was built in the 1920s and so it would compliment it very well.

What would you do, or what have you done with one of these beauties?





The Most Expensive Shoes I Own . . .

18 May

Look like nun’s shoes.

Nun Shoes

Nun Shoes

Here’s the story. Last Summer, my family and I attended the local Celtic Festival. While there we saw amazing Irish dancing. Having both Irish heritage and having come of age in the mid ’90s I was aware of this form of dance and had always wanted to try it but never made much of an effort to really seek it out, so when one of the schools who were performing stated that they were doing a summer sampler, I signed up the kiddos thinking that I could live vicariously through them.

When their Summer sampler was through, I found out that not only were the child beginners starting in September, but there would also be an ADULT beginner class starting at the same time too. My son decided not to continue dancing, but my daughter loved it (yay!) and so I figured, since I would be at the school anyway, why the heck not?

Fast forward to the present. Folks I am an Irish dance devotee. In such a short time I have learned a reel, light jig, slip jig, treble jig and hornpipe. The last two dances use the funny shoes pictured above, called hard shoes. The first three use soft shoes called ghillies.




Peeps, these things HURT. I wear an 8.5 shoe, and these things are 5s! No joke. Granted, they are Irish sizing, but they fit them to you super tight because they are soft leather and eventually they stretch out. When I first got them though, I seriously could only wear them about 20 min before I had to sit or take them off. I felt like I was having my feet bound at times! Lest you think I’m exaggerating, let me show you how my feet look when I take them off.

Double Ouch

Double Ouch

That being said, Irish dancing is a wonderful way to celebrate my heritage. I practice near daily for a minimum of 45 min. A happy by-product of all this dancing is that I have dropped 20lbs and I have more energy and feel happier than I did this time last year. It got me through our long cold winter (which feels like it’s still hanging on, I have the heat on people!) when I think I would have otherwise been depressed.

The new svelte me ;)

The new svelte me ๐Ÿ˜‰

So that’s it, just when you thought I couldn’t possibly have ANOTHER hobby, there I go and pick one up. I think life is just to short NOT to learn and do all the things one would like to.

Finally, myself and the other beginner had our very first stage performance last night and it was an exhilarating time. I would upload a video but I’m too cheap frugal to shell out the $60 to be able to do so. Let me tell you I was just SO relieved that I didn’t screw up because the crowd was massive! And I’m also planning to compete at a Feis (fesh) in my reel, light jig and slip jig this summer so I will let you know how I do! I’m obsessed!

So tell me, do you have any new hobbies?



Happy Mother’s Day

11 May

Mom's DayDear readers, whether your kids be two legged or four, near or far, or only in your heart, I wish you all the happiest of Mother’s Days. My Mom left me all too soon so take the time to call your Mom if you’re able and tell her you love her.


The Lost Weekend*

28 Apr

Hey peeps! Dropped off the blogosphere there to take a weekend trip with the Hub. We celebrated nine years o’ wedded bliss this past Saturday. My super generous friend watched our kiddos and farm animals for the weekend while we headed off to a lovely little cabin nestled in the Hocking Hills of Ohio.

When my friend first told me about this place he said, “You’ll never believe this place is in Ohio!” and he sure wasn’t kidding. There were woods, rolling hills, twisty roads, hiking trails, caves and generally nature galore. It made me nostalgic for my home state of California! Here are a few pictures of some of the natural beauty that surrounded us:

This was at Old Man's Cave

This was at Old Man’s Cave

The view from the deck of our cabin

The view from the deck of our cabin

Ash Cave was super impressive with its waterfall

Ash Cave was super impressive with its waterfall

The scenery was just amazing.

The scenery was just amazing.

But we don’t want to see NATURE stuff do we?? In the area there was a plethora of antique malls and so when we weren’t hiking or eating or partaking inย  . . . other activities we were antiquing.

The first night we were there I found the most amazing lady head vase to add to my collection. I’ve never seen one like her before.

Such a fetching little face

Such a fetching little face

I think her fan and mantilla are so interesting

I think her fan and mantilla are so interesting

Close up of the artistry; look at the lace detail!

Close up of the artistry; look at the lace detail!

Isn’t she amazing? I’m trying to find ANY information on her. She IS marked on the bottom with what looks like a T M and the numbers 5-28. I’d love it if anyone has any idea who painted her or any of her story. I would have gladly paid $50 for her, but I got her for a steal at $5 and could NOT believe my luck. She is now the crown jewel in my steadily growing lady’s head vase collection.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies . . . .

All the single ladies, all the single ladies . . . .

In the same antique store I found a cache of pretty vintage buttons all on their original cards. These are destined for a shadow box which will one day grace whichever room ends up being my sewing room.

Which is your favorite?

Which is your favorite?

Finally they had a glassware outlet that had Homer Laughlin Fiesta ware at deep, DEEP discounts. I’m not even kidding. I got a platter and veggie bowl that matches my now discontinued Flamingo set (not pictured), and I this pitcher that I’ve had my eye on forever but could not justify the $60 price tag. This one cost me $11. No joke!

Red Fiesta Jug

Red Fiesta Jug

Doesn’t it look gay there on the Sellers Cabinet?? Can you folks believe how good the vintage hunting is here in Ohio? Seriously, it’s the best state that I’ve lived in for it and I’ve lived in more states than most folks (California, Texas, Florida and Ohio for those of you wondering). Seriously the best finds for the lowest prices.

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend and here is a picture of the Hubs well, just because I think he’s a cutie. It’s been a grand nine years and I’m hoping for nine times nine more!

Whatta face!

Whatta face!



*Extra points if you have seen this film with a perhaps overly tidy ending!

In Which I Talk About Summer

26 Jul

Hullo folks! How is it that the end of Summer approaches? I mean, didn’t it just start? And since I haven’t posted much about it yet, I thought I’d share some photographic highlights of my Summer thus far.

This photo sort of summarizes summer for me:

Feet on Dash

Feet on Dash

This Summer has seen its fair share of driving! Since we live in the country now, it means lots of treks to town for various sundries. I love driving in nice weather with the windows down and something like the Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979” playing on the radio with my feet up on the dash. It’s bliss folks! Please note my moccasins which I picked up on a 4th of July trip to visit my Aunt in Oklahoma. Yet another “vintagey” item to cross of the wishlist!

Speaking of my trip to Oklahoma, the above kicks were not the only wonderful thing that I got on this trip. While in my Aunt’s antique filled basement she showed me what can only be described as THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SEWING MACHINE ON EARTH. I’m serious peeps, look at it:

SAMSUNGThis my friends is a Singer 185J. I believe this one was made in the early ’60s based on my research of its serial number. But ohmygoodness, that COLOR! Isn’t it glorious?? I guess I made such a fuss about how lovely this machine was because my amazingly generous Aunt gifted it to me. So I now have a new favorite sewing machine. She’s not fancy, she does just a straight stitch but oh my, what a nice stitch she does.

Also, the food this Summer has been spectacular. We signed up for a CSA this year from an organic farm which just so happens to be right down the road from us and we are weekly gifted with a share of the bounty. The below represents one weeks worth of food.

SAMSUNGIt’s been so much fun figuring out what to make every week in order to use up the stuff we get in the box. Though we didn’t sign up for the fruit share we’ve been gifted occasionally with lovely berries. Which I then turn into things like jams and tarts.

SAMSUNGThis particular tart is from The River Cottage Everyday Food Cookbook which is just wonderful. If you ever have a chance to pick it up, please do so!

We also had hay made on our property. Our maybe three acres of grass produced 220 bales of hay so now our barn is nicely stocked for the Winter. Which I hope comes very late this year.


I’ll leave you with the final joy of the summer, and that is our sheep. They are such lovely creatures. Unfortunately we lost one, our dear Hemingway, but I suppose that death is a part of life and that is something I’ll need to learn here on the farm.

SAMSUNGThis Summer has also seen an uptick in crafty pursuits on my part so stay tuned for future posts about sewing and the like. Hope you are all enjoying your Summers as well.


In Which I am Inspired by my German Heritage

29 Sep

Folks, I don’t know if it is due to Oktoberfest or the fact that I found two amazing dirndls while thrifting, but I’m really digging traditional German clothing right now.ย  The other night, I pulled out my old Burda magazines from the year I had a subscription (2009) and came across these images in the September issue.

Crazy pleated blouse

This coat is definitely on the “to make” list

Cool braid and asymmetrical details on this jacket

I then remembered reading in Forties Fashion: From Siren Suits to the New Look that Tyrolean/Alpine styles were very popular in the late thirties and early forties. I’m guessing these types of styles went out rather quickly when war began! If you scroll the interwebs you see many pictures from this period of stars in dirndls and suspender skirts. Here is one of my favorites that I found, granted this is from a Tyrolean Party.

Recognize anyone?

I have some patterns in my collection from this period in which I definitely see the influence.

Note the dirndl styling of the skirt and shirt combo.

The jacket of this pattern is reminiscent of the traditional little jacket commonly worn with the dirndl.

Again, another dirndl looking outfit

I actually made this dress last year (view 2) but it came out looking a bit “school-marm” for my taste so into the wadder pile it went!

Finally, Q at Q’s Daydream Vintage turned me onto Lena Hoschek’s “Tradition” collection. ERMAGERD they are all SO AMAZING!!

Please note the lengths of ribbon sewed to make this skirt. What an amazing idea!

Images from the collection can be found on Q’s blog and here.

I’m so incredibly inspired by all these images!! I have a great thrifted mens boiled wool jacket that I plan to take apart and turn into one of these jaunty jackets. Burda currently has some great traditional German jacket patterns that I hope to scoop up and use for this purpose. I’d love to snag a green Tyrolean hat as well. I would look so pert with my dirndl and jacket! Now, just to find somewhere to wear it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Unfortunately, I’m currently unable to act on my inspiration. My sewing machine is pretty much spoken for right now as I finish up my Halloween costume and then begin my daughters. In an amazing stroke of luck she actually took my suggestion and is going to be Marie Antoinette for Halloween this year! I only had one caveat; she has to wear a red velvet ribbon around her neck to signify the beheading. She thought this was a bit morbid, but she’s going to go with it. Huzzah!

So how about you folks? Are you inspired by traditional German styles?








This n’ That

13 Sep

Folks I apologize for the disjointed turn this ol’ blog has taken of late. I’m sure things will settle down after the move (two weeks ’till closing, squee!!!) but for now here are some pictures of bits and bobs.

This little guy is Karl. Karl Marx. It’s sort of an inside joke but he’s a real love. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that he will be living with us for the long term. We’ve now rescued him from his original owners twice after they’d decided both times that they just couldn’t keep him and that putting him in the woods was the way to go. I know, heartless. He seems to like us, well me, quite a bit, which is very smart on his part. He enjoys a good purr and is still very playful. He has one serious draw back though, and that is that he likes to play with yarn. Our other cat largely ignores yarn so this is going to take some getting used to on my part.

Speaking of yarn, I’ve been a knitting fool lately. I made this darling baby hat for a coworker (haha, underneath the hat you can see my issues of Hobby Farms Magazine, Mother Earth News, and my Murray McMurray Hatchery catalog. Wonder what’s on my mind lately?).

This is the Aviatrix pattern. I crocheted the simple rose because it really looked like it needed some embellishment. I used a pink glass button for the chin strap. I can’t wait to give it to the Mom to be!

I also made these a while back but was surprised to find that they were not blogged.

Aren’t these the coolest? I wish I could say that they were destined to grace my little hannie-poos this fall, but I gifted them to my dear friend (who blogged them here) as I know she could put them to good use.

In sewing news I finished my daughter’s quilt and started one that will grace my bed. I’m really loving how with quilting, you don’t have to worry about fitting, though I will say I do miss making garments. On that topic, I’m excited to say that I’ll be meeting the lovely Gail when I travel to Chicago and she has graciously offered to go on a fabric store crawl with me. I’ll do a post soon with the patterns that I’ve chosen to buy fabric for!

Until next time!