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Playsuit Sew Along

7 May


Anyone out there joining in The Girl with the Star Spangled Heart’s Playsuit Sew Along? I intend to participate. The only trouble is picking just which one of my playsuit patterns to use! As of right now, I’m thinking of making this cute vintage Vogue pattern:

Vogue Playsuit

Vogue Playsuit

I’m guessing this pattern is from the late thirties to early forties. It consists of a shirt, shorts, and overskirt. I’m thinking that to make it extra playsuit-y, I’ll just stitch the top to the bottom to make it an all in one, though I really could use more vintage separates. The truly amazing thing here is me actually contemplating wearing shorts; something that hasn’t happened in over a decade! (I credit my new passion for Irish dancing for this, but that deserves a post all on its own).

I’m not sure yet what fabric I will use, or if I even have any in my substantial stash that will work (isn’t that how it always goes?). While there are no good fabric stores in my immediate vicinity, this weekend I’m heading to Florida where one of my favorite apparel fabric stores happens to be and I’ll see what they have. They usually have cute nautical prints and whatnot. I wish I could find fabric similar to the gal on the left’s. If you look closely, it looks like a pattern of net with fish caught in it. How cute is that?

I’m excited about this sew along so stay tuned!




The Girl Wore a Blue Dress

5 May


Some of you may remember when I became enamored with this picture:



I finally finished it up in January; you know, just in time for those -18 temps that we had here in the Midwest, but I was finally able to wear it to work about a month ago. Sorry for the crappy phone pictures and the lovely “government bathroom” background but it was the best I could do. It’s been so rainy and gloomy lately that whenever it is nice out, I have stuff to do in the barn/outside and I’m wearing work clothes so throwing on a dress is the last thing I do!

Side View

Side View


Front view

I had planned to try to re-creat the chic model above but these silly work bathroom photos will have to do instead. I used the pattern that I posted in the linked post above, Simplicity 5022. The color isn’t EXACTLY like the one in the original photo, but it’s close enough and I’m pleased with it. The fabric is just a basic cotton broadcloth that I think I picked up at Joann’s or Hancock’s shortly after I saw the photo. I did make a self fabric belt which I think is great and really ties the outfit together.

Here it is May and I have still only worn this dress the one time. It’s just been too cold for thin cotton sundresses. I know I’m going on about the weather like an old person, but I can’t help it, I’m ready for SUMMER!


Easter Dress

22 Apr

Heya folks!

Our whole weekend was glorious and I spent much of it outside tidying up, hanging up laundry, sending roosters to “freezer camp” and getting things done around the homestead.  We also celebrated Easter with the kiddos which involved a fun little egg hunt and WAY too much candy being eaten overall.

I wanted to show ya’ll the dress I wore because it fits in with my previously unblogged series. I may have stated this before, but I have a bad habit of pretty much copying the fabric choices on pattern envelopes. This dress is a perfect case in point. Here is the pattern:

McCall 6895And here is my dress:

Showing off my stripes

Showing off my stripes

Yeah I pretty much copied the dress on the left EXACTLY. I used a crisp green and white striped cotton fabric. Unfortunately, I made it so long ago, much of the details that went into its construction have escaped me. I remember trying to be as careful as possible to match the stripes on the front detail.


Peek a boo!

I accessorized with a thrifted leather belt and my number one go to pair of sandals for summer; Saltwater Sandals! I spent a good part of the day basking in the sun. I swear it was at least 80 degrees out!

Trying to get a tan

Trying to get a tan

These poor limbs of mine haven’t seen the light of day since at least September. It was so nice to just soak up the rays and toss back a cool one. My cool one of choice on this particular day was a delicious Woodchuck hard cider.

???????????????????Because I’m not getting any younger, I shielded my face with my favorite “outside” hat. This is a funny hat I picked up in “China” at Epcot in Florida. It’s perfect for keeping sun off your face, but not great for staying on your head when it’s windy! So I guess I actually did wear an Easter hat!

This is only the second time I’ve worn this dress, which is a shame because I really do like the way it looks on. It made it’s original debut a long time ago when I met Casey for a thrift store/tea room/fabric store jaunt. That means this poor dress hasn’t been worn in at least three years. Wow! Surprised I kept it this long since I’m typically pretty good about getting rid of things I don’t wear so much. Oh well! I predict that it will get a lot of wear during this Spring and Summer season.

Until next time dears,


Oh Hai!

8 Apr

Is anyone still out there and reading this??

I know I’ve been MORE than remiss, but I’m feeling the pull to blog again and so here I am. We had a long rough winter here in the Midwest as I’m sure most of you have heard, but now that Spring is on the horizon I’m beginning to sew and dust off the vintage dresses.

Example: here is an outfit I wore to work the other day. As a government employee, I typically won’t go so “vintage” at work, but I had a hot date with the hubs that night to see “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (my new favorite Wes film) and not a lot of time to get ready in between work and home.

My first work bathroom selfie!

My first work bathroom selfie!

That there is an entirely me made outfit consisting of my FIRST dress sewn from a vintage pattern (which I blogged here) and my favorite hand knit sweater (also blogged here). I had never combined them together before but they made quite a colorful pair! I wore this with nude fishnets; seriously my favorite legwear since they go with everything and are very va-va-voom and my brand new Frye’s.

New Frye's!

New Frye’s!

For the longest time I’ve loved Frye’s but the price tag was always a bit prohibitive; I mean seriously, do you know how much fabric/yarn you could buy with that much dough? But I got this pair for a song and let me tell you, now that I have them, they are definitely worth the price tag. They are quality shoes. I have been pairing these with nearly everything I can since they are so versatile.

Well friends . . . if there are any still out there, that concludes this little post dashed off before I head to work. I hope you have a lovely day and I’ll talk to you soon.


Previously Unblogged Part Three

17 Oct

This previously unblogged is a very special one for me (see the other two here). It’s my FIRST vintage sewing project. I made this dress waaaaaay back in January of 2010.

I used Hollywood Pattern 855. I always love to see which star is featured on the cover and in this case it’s Betty Grable.

This was a real learning curve for me. Having not previously worked with vintage unprinted patterns it came as quite a shock to me when seam lines and pattern markings weren’t there. To add to my headache, the pattern is two sizes too small! It was definitely a “make it work” moment for me.

Put a bird on it

I think it turned out pretty great! The fit is near perfect for me; funnily enough, only the sleeves are tight. The fabric couldn’t be better, if you take a closer look at the fabric you can see that it features multicolored swallows. Being my favorite birds, I had to snap up all this fabric when I found it despite the fact that it was a polyester.

As soon as I finished sewing it I donned it to go out swing dancing with the sweetie. Ah good times.

Thanks for joining me on this walk down memory lane!


Previously Unblogged Part Deux

17 Jul

Scrolling through my personal digital Vintage Pattern Library, I stumbled upon yet another previously unblogged garment. This is the beautiful Hollywood Pattern #457 featuring the gorgeous Maureen O’Hara.

I made view one to wear to my former employer’s Christmas bash. I made my version from an oh so soft bolt of forest green velvet.

Surprisingly, I don’t have too many pictures of the full view of the dress. I had originally intended to add the pockets and lace detailing. I even went so far as to buy cotton lace with the holes (what is that stuff called? I know it has a name) which one can then thread ribbon through. I bought a skinny red velvet ribbon to use for this purpose. When I placed it all on the dress it just screamed “little girl’s holiday dress” rather than “sophisticated vintage lady” like I wanted it to. Alas! No frippery on this dress for me.

Here is a better detail photo of the gathered neckline and sleeves which feature that tiny box pleat at the hem so typical of the period. I think someone should have worn some shape wear with this! I’d gained a lot of weight for me during this period of time while finishing my degree. Not only did I go to school more than full time, but I worked full time and obviously had my family to tend to as well!

And again, a close-up of the neckline. This also is a good view of the way I wore my hair to the party. This was right after I started learning how to pin curl and I think I did a pretty good job! This is also after I had my stylist cut alarmingly short bangs. I was trying to go for a Bettie bang look, but somehow didn’t quite make it. She told me later when I left that the other stylists asked her what she did to me and she had a hard time convincing them that I wanted bangs that short!

So there you have it, another previously unblogged garment is now blogged!


Happy Birthday America Dress

5 Jul

Wow, this must be some sort of record for me. I set a deadline and I actually MADE IT! This dress was finished yesterday, 4 July at about 2:30pm! Woo hoo!

I’m pleased with it, but not as pleased as I would’ve been if I had worked on it on my own, near snail’s pace. I made a lot of shortcuts that I ordinarily would not take and there isn’t a lick of hand stitching on the whole garment!

But it served its purpose. It was a cute and patriotic dress to wear for the Fourth of July! Finishing it at two meant that I had time to do my hair and face and bake a from-scratch apple pie using this recipe. Dudes, it was delicious!

Note my perfect pompadour!

I learned something working on this dress too. I mean, it was something that I knew already, but making this dress really solidified it for me. I DO NOT LIKE DEADLINES. If, in the future, I post a dress that is not yet made and tell you lovely people that I’m going to have it made by such-and-such date, please take what I say with a grain of salt. Whenever I’m making something on a deadline it begins to feel a bit like work and less and less like a hobby and then I gripe and grumble my way through it.

Anyway! We ended up having an impromptu bar-b-que with our neighbors and then headed out to a local park to see the big fireworks show. Then back to the house for sparklers, roman candles, and bottle rockets. It was a good day! I hope my American friends all enjoyed the day as well!