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Playsuit Sew Along

7 May


Anyone out there joining in The Girl with the Star Spangled Heart’s Playsuit Sew Along? I intend to participate. The only trouble is picking just which one of my playsuit patterns to use! As of right now, I’m thinking of making this cute vintage Vogue pattern:

Vogue Playsuit

Vogue Playsuit

I’m guessing this pattern is from the late thirties to early forties. It consists of a shirt, shorts, and overskirt. I’m thinking that to make it extra playsuit-y, I’ll just stitch the top to the bottom to make it an all in one, though I really could use more vintage separates. The truly amazing thing here is me actually contemplating wearing shorts; something that hasn’t happened in over a decade! (I credit my new passion for Irish dancing for this, but that deserves a post all on its own).

I’m not sure yet what fabric I will use, or if I even have any in my substantial stash that will work (isn’t that how it always goes?). While there are no good fabric stores in my immediate vicinity, this weekend I’m heading to Florida where one of my favorite apparel fabric stores happens to be and I’ll see what they have. They usually have cute nautical prints and whatnot. I wish I could find fabric similar to the gal on the left’s. If you look closely, it looks like a pattern of net with fish caught in it. How cute is that?

I’m excited about this sew along so stay tuned!




Pretty Pattern Sunday #50

28 Jul

Folks, I’m going to make this short and sweet today because I have a million and one things to do before we head out to dinner with our friends tonight.

I picked today’s pattern not only for the dress, but because the woman in the picture is the embodiment of how I feel today:

il_570xN.255330115It’s the kind of day where you wake up and sun is streaming in through your curtains and you’re terribly glad to be alive. This gal looks terribly glad to be alive doesn’t she? And who wouldn’t be in such a simple and darling dress?

On the agenda today: getting dolled up and taking photographs of new creations to post during the week. I also plan to finally cut out the blue dress of last week’s post. Somewhere in there I’m starting some sauerkraut and making a side dish to take to our friends house. Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday as well.


Pretty Pattern Sunday #49

21 Jul

Some days I just LOVE that I know how to sew. This is one of those days.

I recently stumbled upon this photo of a very chic lady in a blue dress:

IneedthisdressI love everything about this picture. Her dress, obviously, the color, the fit, the styling, those giant black glasses . . . EVERYTHING! Clearly I need this dress. And thankfully, I can make it, using today’s pretty pattern and some fabric and notions.

Simplicity 5022I think view one will do nicely, what do you think? I found the perfect blue fabric, which is just a simple broadcloth and I plan to make a matching self fabric belt.

There has been quite a bit of sewing going on here at the Basement of late. I’ve got three, yes three blouses to show you. I just have to get over it and take the blasted pictures. The number one reason for me not blogging as much as I’d like is that I don’t like taking, uploading and editing pictures. I know! Weird! Now that I’m furloughed (yes, I work for the man) I have no excuses and plan to take time every Friday morning to set up the week’s posts. No excuses!!

Until next time,


Pretty Pattern Sunday #48

23 Jun

When I was younger one of my favorite movies was The Parent Trap. And I’m not talking about the one that came out in the late ’90s with Lindsey Lohan, I’m talking about the original 1961 film with Hayley Mills and Maureen O’Hara.  I loved it so much that after seeing it, I told my first grade teacher that I had a twin who lived in Idaho with my “real Mom!” This little bit of news was subsequently posted in the school newsletter and made my REAL real Mom understandably pissed.

This film also instilled in me a deep and abiding want to go to camp. Really, I didn’t care what kind of camp, but the opening scenes with the girls living in cabins and getting up to all manner of camp hijinks just seemed like the epitome of summer fun to me. To this day I still regret deeply that I never was sent to camp.

Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills in their cute camp outfits!

Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills in their cute camp outfits!

So, when the opportunity recently arose to send my lovely daughter to 4H Camp, I decided to take it! I’m so very excited for her to be able to attend. Unfortunately for my camp fantasy, my daughter can wear pretty much whatever she wants unlike the little camp outfits the twins wear in The Parent Trap above.

Funnily enough, this brings us in a roundabout way to today’s pretty pattern.

4H Uniform!

4H Uniform!

This, my friends, is a 4H Uniform sewing pattern from the same era as The Parent Trap. I bought it because I thought it was a great shirt dress pattern (which it is) never thinking that in a few short years, I’d own a farm, and my kids would be active members of their 4H club!

How about you? Did you always want to go to camp? Did you get to go? Was it as wonderful as I always imagined? Well folks I’m going to go help my girl finish packing and send her off!!


P.S. I actually started sewing something yesterday! I’m so excited and can’t wait to show you. I don’t think I’ve sewn, oh, since we moved into the house in November of last year. I’m so glad the ol’ mojo is back!

Pretty Pattern Sunday #47

16 Jun

Hiya folks!

Yesterday was the most glorious day. The weather was hot, but not too hot. The sky was clear, but not too clear. There was just enough of a breeze that we decided it would be a good day to go strawberry picking.

We’d seen signs for a local u-pick operation and, since my husband has to work today, we decided to celebrate Father’s Day yesterday. We headed out to the farm which was just lovely, a real inspiration for me, and proceeded to taste the three varieties on offer and then pick. And pick. And pick! We came away with over 13 pounds of fruit!

What does this mean for yours truly? Well I’ll be canning some jam today! I’m using these wonderful books and I’ll be making “Old Fashioned Strawberry Jam” (of course!), Classic Strawberry Preserves, Strawberry and Lemon Preserves (I’m most excited by the possibilities of this one!) and Rhubarb and Strawberry Jam.

Well as anyone who cans knows, you need a good apron. And that brings me to today’s pretty pattern.

Cock Apron

I’m finding that now that I keep chickens, I’m really enjoying things that have chickens on them. Don’t fret, I haven’t acted on this yet. But I think this is the most darling pattern! I love that the pocket is a rooster and the fun sort of scalloped edge trimmed in ric-rac, which would probably be very difficult to sew but also pretty worth it.

And speaking of chickens, I’m about ready to head out and feed both my flocks, chicken and sheep. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Pretty Pattern Sunday #46

9 Jun

Hello there! Sorry for the long bloggy absence though I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again. Blogging for me seems to be something that comes and goes in waves; I have periods where I really enjoy it and others when I just don’t or run out of inspirational steam.

Because I have so many different interests, I decided to keep this blog going for sewing, knitting, vintage and the like, and I started another blog “Dispatches From the Buckeye Bungalow” to write about farming, food and those types of things. Hopefully this bad blogger can at least muster a post each every week or so! Occasionally though, I’m sure that one blog will bleed into the other since my interests are a big part of who I am and I hope you won’t mind it.

On to the pretty patterns and my case in point! I’ve sort of declared this year “The Year of Sewing Separates.” See, I have a tendency to mostly make fun and pretty dresses. Well this past year in Ohio has been a cold one and I am only now beginning to be able to wear them again, and I’ve had them packed up as of last September, if not earlier! So my wardrobe is sadly lacking in things like trousers, vintage looking jeans, blouses and the like. Today’s pattern is one that addresses these concerns.


I also really like how this pattern works as “vintage farmgirl style.” I’ve always loved the following pictures of Norma Jean and this pattern would be perfect to recreate her outfits.




Speaking of the farm, next month my “chicks” should be getting ready to start laying their first eggs (so exciting!) and last Tuesday we got a small flock of sheep!

Missed you!


Pretty Pattern Sunday #45

30 Dec

Well folks, I thought I was back when I last posted a few weeks ago. Turns out, my brother wasn’t quite out of the woods like we’d hoped and my family and I made the long trek back to Kansas to visit him for the Christmas holiday. Needless to say, this doesn’t lend itself well to blogging!

We drove back the day after Christmas in a terrible snowstorm. This was very interesting as I’d only ever driven on icy roads once before, and my husband, never. We learned that slow and steady wins the race and thankfully made it home safe and sound, though a little shaken by the experience. We got the much wished for snow, and here is what the house looks like now:

My first time shoveling snow!

My first time shoveling snow!

Picturesque, no? In this picture I’m wearing my 1940s jeans and the cool red field jacket I thrifted recently. Does anyone else struggle with dressing vintage in the winter? I think coming from Florida spoiled me; most of my vintage items are for fair weather and I’m looking more and more towards sewing warm separates in the coming year.

With weather like this, I think I’d love to make a cool vintage ski/snowsuit like the one recently featured on the Unsung Sewing Patterns blog.

Simplicity_3954_ski suit

Fashionable AND warm?! Sign me up please! Unfortunately there’s a dearth of children’s ski suit sewing patterns from this era available but the women’s ones seem harder to find. I think this would look great in a hunter green wool like the image on the right. I also think it would be nice in a chocolate brown colorway.

Fellow vintage gals, how do YOU dress for cold weather? Or do you, like me, sort of slack in the vintage department when the weather is chilly?

Until next time, whenever that may be,