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Happy Birthday America Dress

5 Jul

Wow, this must be some sort of record for me. I set a deadline and I actually MADE IT! This dress was finished yesterday, 4 July at about 2:30pm! Woo hoo!

I’m pleased with it, but not as pleased as I would’ve been if I had worked on it on my own, near snail’s pace. I made a lot of shortcuts that I ordinarily would not take and there isn’t a lick of hand stitching on the whole garment!

But it served its purpose. It was a cute and patriotic dress to wear for the Fourth of July! Finishing it at two meant that I had time to do my hair and face and bake a from-scratch apple pie using this recipe. Dudes, it was delicious!

Note my perfect pompadour!

I learned something working on this dress too. I mean, it was something that I knew already, but making this dress really solidified it for me. I DO NOT LIKE DEADLINES. If, in the future, I post a dress that is not yet made and tell you lovely people that I’m going to have it made by such-and-such date, please take what I say with a grain of salt. Whenever I’m making something on a deadline it begins to feel a bit like work and less and less like a hobby and then I gripe and grumble my way through it.

Anyway! We ended up having an impromptu bar-b-que with our neighbors and then headed out to a local park to see the big fireworks show. Then back to the house for sparklers, roman candles, and bottle rockets. It was a good day! I hope my American friends all enjoyed the day as well!



Pretty Pattern Sunday #31 or I’m a Fickle, Fickle Gal

1 Jul

Remember how I asked you guys to help me out with what dress I should make for Fourth of July? And how it was pretty much unanimous to make the striped one?

Well guess who has two thumbs and tissue fitted the pattern perfectly and pre-washed her fabric and trued the grain only to realize that the striped fabric in question was an uneven stripe?

The debut of the frivolous frills dress on a person!

Yup, this girl! Cue tears of frustration here.

So it’s back to the drawing board with me. I briefly courted this dress. But I felt that it might read a little more matronly than I was hoping. I plunged into my vintage pattern files (why yes, I have scanned and organized every single one of my vintage patterns into computer files, why do you ask?) and came up with this little charmer.

This is unknown mail order pattern #2742. Go ahead and enlarge the photo to get a load of the striped version! I think this would work rather well, don’t you? I pulled it out of the stash and pored over the instructions during dinner and I think it will work quite nicely. I was also rewarded with this little gem that fell out of the pattern and it gave me the best idea for how to work the midriff!

I’m wondering if that is what the original seamstress did? Oh to have a picture of her finished garment! It’s lovely to find things in vintage patterns isn’t it? They’re like little time capsules that way.

Well enough chatting out of me, I have a dress to sew and only four days to complete it! Is anyone else making anything special for the Fourth?

Peace out,