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Playsuit Sew Along

7 May


Anyone out there joining in The Girl with the Star Spangled Heart’s Playsuit Sew Along? I intend to participate. The only trouble is picking just which one of my playsuit patterns to use! As of right now, I’m thinking of making this cute vintage Vogue pattern:

Vogue Playsuit

Vogue Playsuit

I’m guessing this pattern is from the late thirties to early forties. It consists of a shirt, shorts, and overskirt. I’m thinking that to make it extra playsuit-y, I’ll just stitch the top to the bottom to make it an all in one, though I really could use more vintage separates. The truly amazing thing here is me actually contemplating wearing shorts; something that hasn’t happened in over a decade! (I credit my new passion for Irish dancing for this, but that deserves a post all on its own).

I’m not sure yet what fabric I will use, or if I even have any in my substantial stash that will work (isn’t that how it always goes?). While there are no good fabric stores in my immediate vicinity, this weekend I’m heading to Florida where one of my favorite apparel fabric stores happens to be and I’ll see what they have. They usually have cute nautical prints and whatnot. I wish I could find fabric similar to the gal on the left’s. If you look closely, it looks like a pattern of net with fish caught in it. How cute is that?

I’m excited about this sew along so stay tuned!