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The Most Expensive Shoes I Own . . .

18 May

Look like nun’s shoes.

Nun Shoes

Nun Shoes

Here’s the story. Last Summer, my family and I attended the local Celtic Festival. While there we saw amazing Irish dancing. Having both Irish heritage and having come of age in the mid ’90s I was aware of this form of dance and had always wanted to try it but never made much of an effort to really seek it out, so when one of the schools who were performing stated that they were doing a summer sampler, I signed up the kiddos thinking that I could live vicariously through them.

When their Summer sampler was through, I found out that not only were the child beginners starting in September, but there would also be an ADULT beginner class starting at the same time too. My son decided not to continue dancing, but my daughter loved it (yay!) and so I figured, since I would be at the school anyway, why the heck not?

Fast forward to the present. Folks I am an Irish dance devotee. In such a short time I have learned a reel, light jig, slip jig, treble jig and hornpipe. The last two dances use the funny shoes pictured above, called hard shoes. The first three use soft shoes called ghillies.




Peeps, these things HURT. I wear an 8.5 shoe, and these things are 5s! No joke. Granted, they are Irish sizing, but they fit them to you super tight because they are soft leather and eventually they stretch out. When I first got them though, I seriously could only wear them about 20 min before I had to sit or take them off. I felt like I was having my feet bound at times! Lest you think I’m exaggerating, let me show you how my feet look when I take them off.

Double Ouch

Double Ouch

That being said, Irish dancing is a wonderful way to celebrate my heritage. I practice near daily for a minimum of 45 min. A happy by-product of all this dancing is that I have dropped 20lbs and I have more energy and feel happier than I did this time last year. It got me through our long cold winter (which feels like it’s still hanging on, I have the heat on people!) when I think I would have otherwise been depressed.

The new svelte me ;)

The new svelte me 😉

So that’s it, just when you thought I couldn’t possibly have ANOTHER hobby, there I go and pick one up. I think life is just to short NOT to learn and do all the things one would like to.

Finally, myself and the other beginner had our very first stage performance last night and it was an exhilarating time. I would upload a video but I’m too cheap frugal to shell out the $60 to be able to do so. Let me tell you I was just SO relieved that I didn’t screw up because the crowd was massive! And I’m also planning to compete at a Feis (fesh) in my reel, light jig and slip jig this summer so I will let you know how I do! I’m obsessed!

So tell me, do you have any new hobbies?