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Pretty Pattern Sunday #45

30 Dec

Well folks, I thought I was back when I last posted a few weeks ago. Turns out, my brother wasn’t quite out of the woods like we’d hoped and my family and I made the long trek back to Kansas to visit him for the Christmas holiday. Needless to say, this doesn’t lend itself well to blogging!

We drove back the day after Christmas in a terrible snowstorm. This was very interesting as I’d only ever driven on icy roads once before, and my husband, never. We learned that slow and steady wins the race and thankfully made it home safe and sound, though a little shaken by the experience. We got the much wished for snow, and here is what the house looks like now:

My first time shoveling snow!

My first time shoveling snow!

Picturesque, no? In this picture I’m wearing my 1940s jeans and the cool red field jacket I thrifted recently. Does anyone else struggle with dressing vintage in the winter? I think coming from Florida spoiled me; most of my vintage items are for fair weather and I’m looking more and more towards sewing warm separates in the coming year.

With weather like this, I think I’d love to make a cool vintage ski/snowsuit like the one recently featured on the Unsung Sewing Patterns blog.

Simplicity_3954_ski suit

Fashionable AND warm?! Sign me up please! Unfortunately there’s a dearth of children’s ski suit sewing patterns from this era available but the women’s ones seem harder to find. I think this would look great in a hunter green wool like the image on the right. I also think it would be nice in a chocolate brown colorway.

Fellow vintage gals, how do YOU dress for cold weather? Or do you, like me, sort of slack in the vintage department when the weather is chilly?

Until next time, whenever that may be,