When Thrifting Gods Are Smiling

27 Mar

Hullo folks,

Hope you all had a nice weekend? Unfortunately for me, most of Saturday was a bit of a bust. See what happened was this: for about six months now, my brand new serger has been giving me nothing but headaches. It started running very, very slowly and making a terrible racket to boot. I did everything I could think to do; oiled it, vacuumed out the insides, changed the thread and the needles, all to no avail.

So finally Saturday I decided to take it down to get it looked at. I was flabbergasted when the woman started out browbeating me and telling me that firstly, my machine was not as new as I thought it was since they have not made that model for a few years (it’s a Viking Huskylock 905 if you’re curious) and secondly, it was going to cost me and that was IF they even had the parts for it. Turns out you pay a flat fee of $105 for them to even look at it in the first place followed by similar hefty fees for them to fix it. She then proceeded to plug it in to try to assess it for herself. This time, when the foot pedal was pressed, the darn thing didn’t move at all and I was told, not so kindly, that this now new to me machine was a goner and I’m pretty much out the exorbitant price I paid for it. Needless to say I was livid and I’m still trying to figure out what, if anything, I can do (and I’d appreciate any suggestions!!).

To soothe my troubled mind, I headed to the thrift shop of wonders which was just down the road (so convenient!) to have a peek. Apparently the thrifting gods felt that I deserved a little pick me up which is why I found the following things.


This folks, is a Pendleton skirt. And better yet, it’s a Pendleton skirt IN MY SIZE! I love the colors in this plaid. I remember, as soon as I saw it on the rack I sent up a prayer to the thrift gods, “Please be my size, please be my size, please be my size!” Lucky for me they were listening.

They were also kind to send along this matching Pendleton blazer.


I also found another Pendleton blazer, but since it was not my size I decided to be nice and leave it there for any other Pendleton lovers that may be out there. I love the teal color, and again, this thing is my size. It coordinates nicely with the skirt.

The first thing that I picked up when I stormed strolled into the store was this lovely J. Crew sweater.

Yoked Goodness

It’s 100% wool, my favorite fiber for winter, and the colors and design could not be cuter. I think I need a pink dress to wear with this. It would be great for those chilly Spring nights.

Finally, I found this great vintage bag.

It’s simple yes, but that’s part of it’s charm. It will go with loads of things in my closet, both vintage and non-vintage alike. I also found a terrible 1980s dress that makes me look like a bible salesman, BUT! It has a great print and I couldn’t turn it down. I’m currently plotting a way to make it less fussy and more fabulous.

I'm a sucker for a cutsey print!

Did I mention that everything in the store was 50% off? They were smiling on me indeed my friends. May they also smile on you! What great finds have you come across lately?

Until next time,


2 Responses to “When Thrifting Gods Are Smiling”

  1. Casey March 28, 2012 at 9:04 AM #

    Aw… I know I said this on FB, but I’m so sorry about your serger woes. :/ I hope you can figure out what the problem is!

    Wow–did you luck out on the thrift store or what??? I’m so glad that the thrift trip was a good pick-me-up. 😉 I haven’t been in a couple weeks, and I am quite envious of your Pendleton finds! I did find a Pendleton skirt recently, but it’s not quite my style, so I’m sending it to a friend who it’ll suit more. 😉 I’m still hoping one day I’ll find a red plaid Pendleton jacket though!

    • eileensbasement March 29, 2012 at 9:00 AM #

      Thanks doll. I really think I just need a second opinion. The lady was fussed at me right off the bat for suggesting that she look at it before I made the decision to fork over my cash and send it out so it may not have been the most reliable assessment. I found an independent company here that may be able to help me out. Just have to save my pennies now 🙂

      I did luck out though. It’s a nice little ensemble for work- ha ha, not something I’d wear everyday. Well the skirt, yes, but the blazer . . . probably not! I’ll keep my eyes peeled and snap anything up I think may suit what you’re looking for. I’ve had nothing but good luck there. Speaking of sending things to friends, I STILL have your Xmas package sitting on my dresser in the front room. Sigh.

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